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Duties of the Client to Swift Placements

At Swift Personnel, we are proud of our treatment of our placements which derives from many years of considering them as part of our very own team. Our long term relationship with and on-going support to our clients ensures our staff work effectively and in a cost-efficient manner during their assignments.

Our reputation is further enhanced by our clientsโ€™ role in clearly:

  • Instructing and supervising Swift placements in the operations they are required to perform.
  • Ensuring Swift recruits comply with workplace requirements and operating procedures.
  • Providing a safe workplace.
  • Informing Swift Personnel of the job classification or any changes to the job description of any Swift staff before any change in their job takes place.
  • Immediately notify Swift Personnel of any accidents, sickness or problems relating to Swift staff.
  • Provide Swift Personnel access to any and all equipment and areas of any of the work sites for the purpose of Swift training and/or observation.